What Does It Mean to Find God?

Rapp Report Daily 0419
What Does It Mean to Find God?
You ever hear people speak about “finding God”. Always kind of wondered what that. Is He lost? No, it is not God who has lost its us who is lost. But what does it mean when people say they “found God”? Kind of interesting because when we look at our culture they talk about a “come to Jesus moment” a time where life radically changes for people.
I remember I had to do an interview for someone who was getting a clearance. And so the investigator was asking because my friend became a Christian, but he never referred to it as conversion or becoming a Christian. He always said the big moment. He referred to it that way as if they want to detach themselves from something they actually have to do which is to get right with God.
So when we say, what does it mean to “find God” while actually God finds you. You are the one that is lost. I am the one that was lost. God finds us in our loss depravity and redeems us. So the idea of finding God is not the way the secular world tries to think about it as if someone makes a big change in their life and it is for good.
No finding God the way they are referring to it really means when somebody repents of their sin recognizing they are a sinner before God and turns to Christ and receives the gift of eternal life that he offers that is called The Gospel, but that is what it means to find God.

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