What Does it Mean to Have a Free Will?

Rapp Report Daily 0402
What Does it Mean to Have a Free Will?
What does it mean to have a free will? The fact that God gives us a free will is something that is assumed by many? Is it really free? Well actually no. When we talk about a free will we must deal with this in very specific points. There is two words here free, and will. The idea of free has the idea that we have this will being described as unencumbered by any outside influences. The idea of a will is a volition, the ability to choose. Now, what is very clear to all of us and in Scripture is that we have a will, you and I can make choices. The question is, are those choices free?             Well, actually no way those choices are choices that we make, but we are enslaved to sin as unbelievers. As it says in Romans, therefore, we do not have a free will. We have a will that was affected by the fall of Adam and Eve, and therefore that will is enslaved to sin. Until, of course, the point that we become a believer, when the Holy Spirit indwells us we now have the ability to freely choose between good and evil. So we only have a free will when we become a Christian.

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