What Does it Mean to Have Your Sins Forgiven?

Rapp Report Daily 0437

What Does it Mean to Have Your Sins Forgiven?

What does it mean to have your sins forgiven? Well, we first have to understand what sin is. Sin is when we break God’s law and that is punishable by eternal death. “It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment” and when we find that we sit at that judgment God will judge us based on His law. If we broke His law that is what sin is.
Sin means to miss the mark. So to be forgiving means that we are forgiven of the crimes that we have committed against God. That means that we deserve rightly an eternity in the lake of fire. Now that might seem harsh. Why do we deserve that? Because God is infinite and therefore when we break His law it has an infinite consequence.
That forgiveness can only be paid by an eternal Being because it has an eternal consequence. So God alone can provide the forgiveness of sins. But what did it take? Well, He has to suffer that consequence. So when Jesus Christ went to the cross He suffered an eternal consequence for the sins that I committed. Therefore. I can be forgiven.
This is something that only God can do and we see that in Mark chapter 2 when Jesus says to the paralytic man, “your sins are forgiven ” and the Jews are outraged because they realize only God can forgive sins. Forgiveness of sins means to be set free of the consequence.

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