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What Does Totally Depravity Mean?

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What Does Totally Depravity Mean?

What does total depravity mean? This is something that often triggers some people and gets them not thinking about the proper definitions but false definitions. So we want to be precise in definitions that we give to things. Whether you believe in what is called Calvinism or not, or you do not even know what that refers to.

Many people do not understand what it means when we say men are totally depraved. Some people think that it means that men do the most heinous things all the time. No, that is not true. Total depravity does not speak about the degree someone sins or the depravity of that sin. It does not mean that they are going to sin all the time to their greatest ability.

What total depravity refers to is when Adam and Eve partook of that fruit and brought the curse of sin into mankind that when they ate of that fruit, they fell spiritually. They became spiritually dead and all of us are born in the state of being spiritually dead. But what was affected? Well, we know that our thinking was affected. We know that our emotions were affected. Where the debate is, it was our will affected. Why because some people want to say that we are will was not affected we could choose to believe in God and total depravity says no even our will was influenced and affected by the curse of sin. Therefore our will is bound by our sin?

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