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What is Special Revelation?

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What is Special Revelation?

What is special or supernatural revelation? Well, on yesterday’s podcast we talked about natural revelation being that of nature. We can look at the stars and we can see something about the attributes of God. We can see that He exists. However, it is not enough to tell us why Christ came. It does not tell us the self-revelation of God enough to tell us his saving message for us. We can recognize our sin. We can see that or conscience that we violate God’s law, but we need. A special or supernatural revelation, which is God’s revealed truth to us. This is what we call the Bible or the Scriptures. This is what God has revealed to us in a special way, as an absolute authority for faith and practice. So we do not need to look to men, to theological systems, to confessions, to creeds, to know what God calls us to do. We have his very Word, God’s Word. The Bible is all that we need for faith and practice. Many people want to look to psychology, culture. We do not need to look to those things. No, we have a special revelation, which is God’s revelation of Himself to man.

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