What is the Bible?

Rapp Report Daily 456

What is the Bible?

What is the Bible? When we asked this question, many people get into challenges because they want to say that the Bible that we have today was formulated by the Catholic Church in the three hundreds. Well, that is a real problem. Why? Well, for one reason, a really good reason, is Peter recognize the writings of Paul as Scripture. So he knew when Paul wrote what he wrote, that was actual Scripture. We see that in 2 Peter 3:16 when he calls Paul’s writings Scripture. So he recognized that, but we ended up seeing that early, in the first and second centuries, they had a recording of the books of both the Old and New Testament.
Now old Testament, we have in the council of the rabbis in Jamina, where they met in 70 AD and they decided those books that were always accepted. By the way, that did not include those apocryphal books that the Catholic church accepts. By the way, they did not accept those books until the reformation time. That was a reaction to the reformation. But you saw that there were things that people saw as scripture because they had 1) prophetic authorship, 2) they had a witness of the spirit and 3) they were accepted by the church. That is what is called the Canon or measurement. That is what is the Bible.

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