What is the Conscience?

Rapp Report Daily 0438

What is the Conscience?

What does it mean to have a conscience? What exactly is the conscience? Well, conscience is a compound word with science or with knowledge. The conscience is a gift from God it is that very thing that tells us right from wrong. It is with someone who might refer to as a moral compass.
The conscience is that element within the immaterial part of man that states when we do something wrong we get that sense of guilt. Guilt is actually a good thing. It tells us we are doing something wrong. However, when we sear our conscience, then what we are actually doing is we are convincing our conscience that wrong is right.
We should never do that. Because when we see our conscience, we do not know right from wrong. Titus says, “to the pure all things are pure but to the defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure but both their minds and their conscience is defiled.”
So we have to be careful with our conscience. We have to take care of our conscience to make sure we do not defile our conscience. Our conscience is a gift that tells us when we are doing wrong. But if we continue to ignore it, then it no longer works properly. And what ends up happening is when we do wrong when it should tell us stop. We do not stop and we do harm to our soul.

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