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What is the Difference Between Soul and Spirit?

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What is the Difference Between Soul and Spirit?

Have you heard the words; dichotomy and trichotomy? Boy do seminary students loved debating this one. The idea of dichotomy is that man is made up of two elements the immaterial and the material, in other words, the immaterial being the spirit and the material being the body and what they will argue is when you see the word soul or spirit, it refers to that immaterial part.

Trichotomous are going to argue, we are made up of three parts the soul, the spirit, and the body. There three separate things. And they are going to say that the soul and the spirit are different. So which am I? Well, actually neither. I think that this is a fallacy of the excluded middle because of the way it is worded.

If you define dichotomy as material and immaterial. Yes, I agree. If you say that it is that soul and spirit are the same thing. No, I do not agree. So, it all depends on how you define these things. What is the difference between soul and spirit? Well, body always refers to that physical part of man both agreed to that.

However, when it comes to soul and spirit, there are some differing views. Now soul and spirit do have different words in Greek. Spirit always refers to the immaterial part of man. So that is always immaterial. Soul sometimes refers to the immaterial and sometimes refers to the body sometimes refers to the whole being. So, I would say soul can refer to the immaterial the material or the whole being.

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