What is the Key to Knowing God?

Rapp Report Daily 0414
What is the Key to Knowing God?
What is the key to knowing god well? This may be a question that is more influenced because of the charismatic movement in Christianity. The simple answer really is to read your Bible, but the charismatic movement has made it as if that is just not enough. As if Scripture is not sufficient to really knowing God.
We must have some sort of experience and that experience, of course, has to always be outdone by the next experience there for the past experience is not even enough to know the reality what you see here is that many people do not believe in the sufficiency of the Scriptures. God’s Word is enough. You want to know God read His Word.
How do you know another person other than hearing from them talking with them the way we speak to God is in prayer. The way we hear from God is in His Word, the Bible. So the key to knowing God is quite simple actually read your Bible. Read it every day. Do not think that there is something else that you are missing in the Scriptures. The very word of God is enough. You want to know God you want to know more read his word every day.

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