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What is the Message of the Bible?

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What is the Message of the Bible?

What is the message of the Bible? The Bible is the best selling book of all time for a very simple reason. It has an eternal message, a message that transcends time, transcends culture. Because it is from our creator. It is a message that regardless of where you are and what time period you may be in, it is always true. Because the Creator who created us knows us well The message of the Bible, in essence, is very simple. First, God is glorified in all things. That is the ultimate purpose of the Bible is that God is glorified. But an overriding theme that you see throughout the Bible is seen that man has violated God’s law and that man cannot work his way to earn righteousness with God. He has violated God’s law and is a sinner, a criminal in God’s sight, and that God Himself made a way of escape that God Himself became a man and died for sin, that he became the redemption. You see that even the book of Leviticus, one of the earliest books that. God wouldn’t be our redemption. We can have forgiveness of our sin through Jesus Christ. That Is the master of the Bible.

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