What is the Trinity?

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What is the Trinity?
Well, the Trinity is actually a doctrine that was formulated in the fourth century. Now, some people argue, well, it is not in the Bible, we do not see the word Trinity anywhere in the Bible. That is true. You also do not find the word Bible in the Bible. So do we not believe the Bible is the Bible because the word Bible does not appear in the Bible? No, the Trinity is a doctrine that is a solution to a problem. Most people do not think about it this way, because they think the Trinity is the problem.

Well, if you remove the doctrine of the Trinity, you have yourself a dilemma. That dilemma is that we see throughout Scripture, that God the Father, is called God. He has the attributes of God, He does the works of God. We see that Jesus Christ, throughout the Bible, is called God has the attributes of God and does the works, that only God can do. We see that the Holy Spirit is referred to as God, that He has the attributes of God, and that He too does the works that only God can do. So all three of these Persons are called God, have the attributes of God and do the works of God, and yet we see Them separate and distinct. You can look at Jesus’s baptism. You see all three of them present at the same time. So they are different, not different modes. If you remove the doctrine of the Trinity, you have a problem that the Trinity solves

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