Where was God on Sept 11th?

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Where was God on Sept 11th?
For about 18 years now we have heard the question, where was God On September 11th? Well, God was right where He always is, in control of everything. Now, the thing that people have to realize is that just because God’s in control of everything does not mean He is going to rule everything the way people want it ruled. In other words, what we often find is that people think that God should do things the way they think He should do things. Now, let us start with one basic thing, God is omniscient. That means that God knows everything. The second point, God is good. In fact, we would not know what good is other than by the nature of God. So when we look at these things, we know that God is not going to do things that are evil, and God knows everything there is to know. He is also omnipotent, meaning He is all-powerful. He could do whatever He wants that is within His nature. And so what do we see, we see that God does allow sin to occur. It does not mean that He can not be present when evil exists. No. God is still in control, even though evil is happening. What really shook everyone in 9/11/01 was not the fact that God was not in control. It was that postmodernisms said that there was no such thing as evil, and they came face to face with what evil looks like. They were living in a dreamland, and it ended, But God is still on the throne.

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