Why Can’t God Just Forgive Sin?

Rapp Report Daily 0390
Why Can’t God Just Forgive Sin?
Why does not God just forgive people instead of requiring there be a payment for sins? Not to sound insulting, but it sounds like something every child would say when they are caught doing something wrong, “why can you not just forgive me and let it go?” And people say there should be no consequences for their actions? Yes, that is exactly how it sounds like a little child trying to get his way from his parents when he was caught doing something wrong. That is exactly how we sound to God when we demand or claim that God should somehow not punish us when we violate His law. He has made it clear what His law is. He gave us a conscience, so we would know right from wrong. So we have no excuse. We can look at creation (Romans 1) and know that God exists and know something of His attributes, to know He is a God of design, that He is the Creator. He gave us our conscience that reveals guilt when we break His law. So we know and we are without excuse, but we like little children do not want to have to pay the consequence for our crimes for our sin. And that is exactly what this argument is about. The reason why God just does not forgive is because God is just. Psalm 7:11 says, “God is a just judge and He is angry with the wicked every day”. That is why God cannot just sweep it under the rug because He is just and there must be a consequence.

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