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Why Did God Allow The Holocaust?

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Why Did God Allow The Holocaust?
Many challenge Christians with the question of why did God allow the Holocaust? Now, you always have to go back to the premise when people make arguments. What you see here is the premise that somehow if God exists, he could not allow for something like the Holocaust. The Holocaust is evil, in the postmodern thinking they really don’t have a category for such an evil, but they try to say that.
God cannot exist because the Holocaust happened. Now, this sort of question comes out in a world of different ways. We have already dealt with it with why does not God heal amputees things like that and almost every time we always refer back to Romans 9:14-23. Because God allowed this for his glory and people do not understand that.
The reason so many people have a problem with this is because of the fact that they do not understand what really happened in Genesis chapter three. When the fall occurred it was brought a curse upon not only all mankind but according to Romans chapter 8 the entire universe groans because of that curse. So what you see is that people challenge this it is not a valid argument.
But let us answer the question. Why did God allow the Holocaust will one reason the state of Israel? It wouldn’t exist. But it does exist today was able to be reformed because what happened in the Holocaust God’s plans are bigger than ours.

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