Why did God Command the Extermination of the Canaanites?

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Why did God Command the Extermination of the Canaanites?
A common argument that many people have is that God is somehow this evil monster because of the fact that he commanded the extermination of all of the Canaanites, even including the children. Let us look at this and examine this biblically. So what do we see? Well, what do we know historically about the Canaanites? We actually find out that, they were warned by God, many times. They were being judged for their sinfulness. The first thing we have to realize is many people want to somehow say God is wrong because He exterminated a whole bunch of people. The real question is, was God being just in exterminating a whole bunch of people for the fact is that these people that we have now learned from history, that these people in the Canaanites were people that were so wicked. They would teach children as young as three and four years old, to be raped by adults to be having sex with animals. And the animals, why did they have to be killed? While once an animal starts having sex with humans, they can not differentiate anymore. What you end up seeing is that, yes, God, in an act of justice, declared that all of the Canaanites needed to be wiped out, both adults and children, even the animals. Why? Very simply because they were a wicked, wicked people. That is called God’s justice. He could have taken their life the first time they sinned. He was long-suffering with them until that time, but that time was enough.

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