Why Did God Create Satan?

Rapp Report Daily 0393
Why Did God Create Satan?
If God is all-knowing, why did he create Satan, who He knew would fall? Now this challenge can actually be extended to why did Adam and Eve fall if God knows everything? In other words, He is omniscient, then why did He do such a thing? This is hard for us to understand as humans, but Scripture does provide an answer for us. This can be found in Romans 9:14-23, especially verses 9:17 and 9:22. Paul talks about the injustice of God. Is there injustice with God? He says in verse 14, by no means he talks about the scripture saying, verse 17, that God rose Pharaoh up for the exact purpose of hardened Pharaoh heart. And it says in verse 17, it is specifically “for this is the very purpose that I have raised you up, that you might show my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed on the earth”. So God rose them up specifically for that purpose. But we get the answer in verse 22, “what If God desiring to show his wrath, and to make known his power has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction”, So God actually allows this allows people to sin, so he could display attributes of His that can never be displayed without people sinning, God would never be able to show His love, His long-suffering His wrath, and these others unless people and Satan chose to violate His law. So It is actually an act of showing His attributes.

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