Why Did God Need to Rest on the 7th Day?

Rapp Report Daily 0397
Why Did God Need to Rest on the 7th Day?
Why did God need to rest on the seventh day of creation? This is a challenge we sometimes get.and yet this challenge is a little bit of a problem. The reason being is, well, it is a logical fallacy. It expects the answer that God had to somehow do something that God had to rest, but He did not actually have to. The reality is when we talk about God creating the entire universe out of absolutely nothing, not like the nothing that the evolutionist argue that nothing is actually something. We are talking nothing that actually means nothing. When God created everything out of nothing, why did he take so long? The evolutionist will say, well, He could not have done it that quickly. But the reality is, He created everything out of nothing. He could have done it in a split second, but He chose to do it in six working days with one day of rest. Did He actually need to rest? No. In fact, He could have created everything in a split second, He chose to do this in seven days so that we would have an example of a workweek. You see this in Exodus chapter 20 that God said that He worked for six days rested on the seventh and that is a pattern for you and I, that we are to work for six days and have a day of rest. God did is an example for us.

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