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Why Does God Demand Worship?

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Why Does God Demand Worship?
One of the things you are going to see throughout the Bible is the fact that scripture is quite clear that God expects, in fact, demands that people, human beings, worship Him. Now, people want to ask the question, why does God demand to be worshiped? However, God as the creator, we see that from the very first verse of the Bible in Genesis 1:1, that God is the creator of everything. Therefore, the question is poorly worded. Actually, it is not why does God demand our worship. In fact, by the nature of God, the Creator, demands worship that we should give to our Creator, as the creation? The real question that should be asked is, why do we think we have a right not to worship Him?

That is a question that no one wants to ask themselves, but it is the real question at stake. When people ask this question because as his creation, we should be created to worship Him. The fact that God gave us a will and allows us to be rebellious because that is what it is when we do not worship Him. It is called rebellion and it only shows that God is a God that is long-suffering. However, by the creation/Creator relationship, we must worship our Creator.

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