Why Does God not End Evil?

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Why Does God not End Evil?
If God is a God of love, why has he not dealt with ending evil? This is a challenge, we often hear that somehow His love is in opposition to dealing with evil. This is a commonly made argument. However, this is a limited argument when you think about the fact that God is greater than just one or even two of His attributes. He is all of His attributes. So when we think of who God is, is God love? Yes. Is God. Holy? Yes. Is God just? Yes. Is God wrathful? Yes. We do not like to think about that. Now, if God is just He must punish evil. However, He is also long-suffering, which means He does not punish evil immediately. So to display His long-suffering, He must put up with evil. We see this in Romans 9:22, where it says, “what if God desiring to show his wrath, and to make known his power has endured with much patience, vessels of wrath, prepared for destruction, in order to make known the riches of His glory, for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory”. So you see there that God is long-suffering and patient, and those attributes can only be shown if He allows evil to continue …. for a while.

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