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Why Doesn’t God Destroy Satan?

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Why Doesn’t God Destroy Satan?
The argument goes like this if God is all-powerful, why doesn’t He destroy Satan? Now there is an assumption in that question and challenge that we have to recognize right off the bat. That is that somehow Satan is not fulfilling the purposes of God. Now, in the last episode that we talked about Satan and why God created him, We looked at Romans chapter nine, specifically in verse 22, which states that God to display His wrath allowed sin, but notice the difference he did not cause it. He allowed Satan to violate His law. I do think that is interesting because most of the people that would give this challenge would say that somehow God has to be in control of all things. And if God forced everything to happen, and left no choices of his free moral agents, then would they complain that God made them puppets and they have no choice? Well, the reality is, why doesn’t an all-powerful God destroy Satan? Because Satan is God’s devil? That is what Martin Luther referred to him as. Satan is God’s devil, he does not do anything that God does not allow. He is fulfilling the very purposes of God. So Satan, even though he is trying to destroy God is actually doing exactly as God plans, because God is sovereign, Therefore, Satan cannot do anything that God does not allow. That is the thing we end up realizing he serves God’s purposes.

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