Why Should We Believe the Bible?

Rapp Report Daily 466

Why Should We Believe the Bible?

Why should we believe the Bible? Now there are many who are going to argue that we should not believe the Bible. There are those who try to argue that the Bible is full of errors. It’s been corrupted and changed, and we don’t really know what the Bible is. We could deal with those on later podcasts.

But the question, why should we believe the Bible? Many will say that the reason Christians believe the Bible is because the Bible tells them to believe the Bible, and that’s circular logic and therefore bad logic. And we shouldn’t believe the Bible because it’s based on circular logic. Is that why we should believe the Bible? No. Now, circular logic is not always bad. It depends on whether it is a vicious circular cycle or not. But that aside, we’re actually not dealing with that question.

Why should we believe the Bible for a very simple reason? The Author of the Bible cannot lie. The Author of the Bible is always good. These are the reasons we believe in the Bible. It is not because what the Bible says about Itself, that we believe the Bible. It is because of Who the Author is of the Bible. God is the Author! God cannot lie. God is good. God is omniscient. Therefore we can trust what God says because God who cannot lie and knows all things wrote this book. Therefore, it is going to be without error in its original writing and trustworthy.

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