Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?

Rapp Report Daily 0416
Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?
Now when you think about this challenge, this challenge has within it a presupposition that somehow God is obligated to heal everybody especially amputees. Now, the simple reality is that God allowed sin into the world for purposes that he felt would allow him to show his attributes.
We have dealt with that on previous podcasts and the fact that he had has done this does not mean that somehow He is not a God of love or anything else the reality that you end up seeing is that God allowing amputees or people with challenges actually could be used to make people stronger. I remember once in New York City of going and evangelizing in a gentleman told me God does not exist because he prayed as a child to be healed of his intellectually challenged and because he was not he concluded God does not exist. However, he ended up telling me he was a vice president in his organization and I asked him how he got there. Well, he had to study harder than everyone else in school and work harder than everyone else in the job.
And that’s what got him there and I asked him a simple question. Would you have worked as hard if God answered your prayer and suddenly it clicked? He realized he would not be where he was had he not had to work harder than everybody else. Sometimes God has plans. We do not know about.

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