Answering Your Questions on Masks in Church and Other Topics

Rapp Report episode 149

Andrew and Bud are joined by Pastor Andrew Smith of Christ Reformed Community Church to help answer questions from the audience. They answer the following questions:

  • My church believes that the governor’s mask mandate is a law and requires masks in church. They said they will excommunicate us if we do not wear a mask during church. What do I do?
  • Can a church discipline someone out for not wearing a mask?
  • How do you respond to someone that says, “love is love” you cannot control who you fall in love with even if they are the same sex?
  • Is it normal to be stressed out days before preaching a sermon and worried afterward that you did not say anything wrong?


Resources mentioned:

THE OBSESSION WITH MASKS & LOCKDOWNS: Helpful or Hysteria? Interview With Dr. Simone Gold.

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