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Creation of Man, What We Believe, Part 18

Rapp Report episode 221

The creation of man, was by God not evolution. Andrew and Bud continue the What We Believe statement from the Striving for Eternity website series discussing the creation of mankind. They answer many questions. What does it mean that we are created in the image of God? How are humans different than angels?

Man was directly and immediately created by God on the sixth day of creation. He was created in God’s image and likeness and with the appearance of age. Man was created free of sin with a rational nature, intelligence, volition, self-determination, and moral responsibility to God (Genesis 2:7, 15 25; James 3:9). Men are distinct from angels in that they are a race while angels are not. Therefore, men cannot become angels, and angels cannot become men. Men are distinct from both angels and God and will be for all eternity (1 Corinthians 6:3; Hebrews 1:14; 2:6-8; 12:22-24). Men are similar to angels in having a personality but limited more so in power and abilities.

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