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Differences between men and women with Amy Hall | Rapp Report Weekly 005 | Andrew Rappaport | SFE | Striving for Eternity

A hotly debated issue within the church is the roles between men and women.  The question asked often, is there a difference between men and women in the church and can women serve in any function or are they limited.  The position known as egalitarianism teaches that women can serve in any role no different than the man.  A competing view of that, and the biblical one is complementarianism.  This is a teaching that God has ordained certain roles only for men within the church and the household.  Our culture would see this as a major problem.  However, we get our instructions as Christians from God and not culture.
In this special episode, Andrew speaks with Amy Hall from Stand to Reason.  They will discuss the differences between men and women in the church, home, and culture.  They will also get into a lengthy discussion about sharing the gospel and how we conduct ourselves as Christians in doing so.  If you listen you will learn a lot about Stand to Reason in the ministry that they are doing there.  To learn more about Stand to Reason go to their website
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