Discipleship with Dr. Philip Attebery

Rapp Report 109

Dr. Philip Attebery is the Dean at Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary. He has written on discipleship and served in youth ministry. Andrew and Philip talk about why discipleship matters and why it is important. Discipleship is a missing element of the American church. They discuss the difference between the Church Growth Movement and a healthy church.

Dr. Atterbery was involved in writing a series of manuals to train people to disciple others call the DiscipleWay. This is a tool to teach people to teach others. DiscipleWay is a leadership training to equip people to equip others.

Andrew and Philip discuss a seminary education and its importance. As the Dean, he explains his role there at BMA seminary.

If you are interested in attending a seminary check out https://www.bmats.edu. BMA offers online degrees and named the most affordable seminary in 2018.

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