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Dissecting Faith and Works: A Deep Dive into Salvation and James 2

Rapp Report episode 275

Are good works the ticket to salvation? We crack open the theological conundrum often associated with James 2. Discover the purpose of works in salvation as we dissect the often misinterpreted words of James 2. We will navigate through the multi-faceted concept of ‘salvation,’ examining the distinct meanings of regeneration, sanctification, and glorification and the role each plays in our ultimate redemption. Rest assured, the issue of works-based salvation will not leave us stumped – we are excluding glorification from this debate, and you will soon find out why.

Ready to challenge societal norms and confront harsh realities? Let us embark on a journey through faith and works, taking cues from James himself. Witness the power of faith when works fortify it and learn why faith alone might land you no better off than a demon. We will lay bare the truth about those who are all talk and no action and reveal how the consistency of your actions could be a litmus test for the authenticity of your faith.

Dive into the life of Abraham, a case study on the importance of faith and works. We will delve into how Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac was a testament to his faith, a form of sanctification, not regeneration. It is a potent reminder that our works justify us in the eyes of others, not God. So, whether you are a seasoned believer or a spiritual seeker, this episode promises a fresh perspective on salvation and the role of works in faith.


(0:00:01) – Interpreting James 2 (17 Minutes)

We tackle the often-discussed topic of whether works are necessary for salvation. We discuss the importance of understanding the authorial intent behind words like “salvation,” which can have multiple meanings depending on context. We define terms such as regeneration, sanctification, and glorification and explain how each relates to salvation.

(0:17:18) – The Importance of Works in Faith (9 Minutes)

We explore the concept of faith and works, the societal norm of selling oneself into slavery or begging for food due to persecution. We consider the example of James, who speaks to those scattered abroad and facing difficult circumstances. We discuss the idea that faith without works is dead and examine the concept that the works someone does over a long period of time can show if they have genuine faith. We contemplate the concept that those who profess belief without possessing faith are no better than demons and that it would be foolish to profess belief without having it.

(0:26:36) – Justification by Works and Faith (17 Minutes)

We explore the notion of justification by works through the life of Abraham. We explain how Abraham’s faith was proven genuine through his willingness to sacrifice Isaac. We further explain that Abraham was justified by works, a type of sanctification, not regeneration. We discuss how Abraham was already regenerated long before he offered his son as an offering and how the works justified him in the eyes of others, not in God’s eyes. Finally, we talk about how James is not speaking of regeneration but of sanctification when he says that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone.

(0:43:49) – Podcast and Speaking Engagements Updates (8 Minutes)

We discuss upcoming events, including evangelism training sessions and meetings in Indianapolis, DC, Idaho, and New York. We also discuss speaking engagements at churches and the Legacy Classical Christian Academy Worldview Week in Texas. Finally, we encourage listeners to share this episode with others and contact us if they want to attend one of our upcoming events.

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