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Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report is a weekly podcast that is an hourly (or so) podcast that centers on many doctrinal, practical, and important issues for the believer and the church.

Does God Allow a Woman to be a Pastor/Preacher in the Church?

Andrew asks the questions, “Does God allow a woman to be a pastor?” and “Does God permit women to preach in the church?” There are many different views on these issues. The question we must ask is this, “What does God’s Word say?” Andrew will examine the excuses people offer in support of female pastors and preachers. He will deal with the pertinent texts and demonstrate that the Bible, though it clearly teaches that men and women are of equal value before God, also teaches that men and women have different roles assigned to them by God and that the role of pastoring and preaching simply is not a role He has assigned to women. Andrew will conclude the program by explaining why this issue is of such importance for the church today.
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