Gender Inclusive Dolls, Abortion and Hate Crimes

Andrew Rappaport’s Rapp Report 0091

Andrew covers a wide range of topics from Mattel’s gender-inclusive dolls, to abortion to the “ok” hand signal now being a hate signal.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

The DISRN article about the Mattel gender-inclusive dolls

The Washington Post article with the video clips

The Gender Reveal podcast episode

Facebook post from Daniel J. Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast podcast about abortion:

According to Planned Parenthood’s own 2017–2018 fiscal year report, they performed 332,757 abortions during that period (source:…/190124-annualreport18-p…).

And this is only abortions counted by Planned Parenthood!
According to the CDC, 638,169 abortions were reported in 2015 (source:…/data_stats/abortion.htm) That’s like wiping out the entire population of Las Vegas every year (source:…/…/2010s-total-cities-and-towns.html).

That’s 1,748 lives snuffed out EVERY DAY. Let that sink in!

And before you think there’s no home for all these children, experts estimate that there are 1–2 _million_ couples every year waiting to adopt, and yet fewer than 150,000 children are actually placed into these open homes yearly. (Source:

How can humanity ever hope to solve smaller problems if we’re savagely killing off the most innocent of us? How big do these numbers have to get before people do something to stop the genocide?

And in the one minute it took you to read this post during business hours, 2–3 children were murdered in the USA alone.

September 24, 2019 | Mayor & Council Meeting: Regular Session

AP article about the OK hand signal

ADL list of hate signals

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