God Doesn’t Whisper Again

Rapp Report episode 244

Jim Osman, author of God Doesn’t Whisper, to answer the following questions from a listener:

“At first, when I listened to this I was upset, like, why shouldn’t I expect to hear from God audibly? I had to ask God, please help me keep an open heart and teach me what I need to know, which He did. I still have questions by the way, but at the end of this podcast I can truly say I’ve learned something fresh. I don’t know if I agree with all that was said, but I definitely see what I need to work on in my walk with Christ. I’ve had to ask myself; is the Word truly sufficient for me? Why exactly do I desire to hear God’s voice? I do have a question or two that I need answered, I was disappointed it was not really talked on, or perhaps I missed when it was discussed. Question 1 is, does God speak audibly in this day and age? 2. Is it wrong to desire to hear from God audibly? Even knowing that it is not a compulsory part of the Christian walk and should not be expected, but are you saying ‘don’t even think about it’? Thank you.”

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