Hollywood, Media and Critical Thinking with Eve Franklin

Eve Franklin of Are You Just Watching podcast joins Andrew Rappaport to discuss how to apply some critical thinking to watching Hollywood movies and media.

Rapp Report Daily 0074


Here are the questions that were discussed:Women pastors in general
1. What is your position about women pastors?
2. Why do you think so many people want to support the idea of female preachers?
Beth Moore in general
3. Do you have any concerns about Beth Moore and her teaching?
4. Have you seen over the years anything that concerns you about the direction Beth Moore is taking?
The Open Letter
5. What is this open letter to Beth Moore about?
6. Why is it important for her to make a public position?
7. What are the dangers that you see with her on this issue?
8. Do you think she will answer or respond?

Here are links to some of the articles mentioned:
Living Proof You Should Follow Beth (No) Moore

Women and False Teachers: Why Men Don’t Get It, and Why It’s Imperative That They Do

https://michellelesley.com/category/rock-your-role/ (This is my “Rock Your Role” series of articles on the Scriptures dealing with the role of women in the church.)

Bible Studies

Searching for a new church?

Biblical Counseling Resources

Speaking Engagements

Every Monday Michelle have a feature called “The Mailbag” where she answer readers' questions. This Monday's edition will deal with all the questions we've been getting about the letter.

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