Is Jesus polyamorous? | Rapp Report Weekly 0037 | Striving for Eternity

The is not an episode of the young. Andrew will address three different attacks on Christianity.

Christians trying to justify pornography. Some Christians try to claim that as long as it is married coupled doing the sexual acts then it should be biblically allowed.

A recent article from Christian News Network shows how two lesbians targeted a Christian baker for a lawsuit. Read the article Lesbians Who Filed Complaint Against Baker for Not Making Wedding Cake Wore Hidden Microphones. Andrew will talk about how the women were already “married” before then when wedding cake shopping and they were wearing hidden microphones while visiting several bakeries.

Most of the discussion will be on a recent video claiming that Jesus is polyamorous. This video is filled with logical fallacies and bad hermeneutics. Andrew will expose the issues from this video from Queer Theology.

Previous Andrew spoke with a lawyer about the Christian Baker Supreme Court Case

Check Tyler Vela's response to this same video on his Freed Thinker podcast

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