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King James Onlyism with Fred Butler

Rapp Report episode 148

This week Andrew and Bud are joined by Fred Butler of Grace to You to talk about his new book Royal Deceptions: Exposing the KING JAMES ONLY Conspiracies Against God’s Word. They discuss the history and motivation of the King James Bible completed in 1611. Fred explains his background in seminary when he got into KJV onlyism and promoted it strongly. They discuss some of the arguments made for the King James Bible as the only Bible to use and provide responses. Fred explains the arguments he used to use and how to respond against them. Those arguments are: 1) The Exclusivity Argument, 2) The Promise Argument, 3) The Textual Argument, 4) Have Heretics Corrupted Our Bibles, 5) The Purity Argument: The Line of Good Bibles, 6) The Scholarship Argument, and 7) The Historical Argument.


Resources mentioned:

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