Matt Slick Meals and Mormons | Rapp Report Weekly 0016 | Striving for Eternity

Matt Slick of Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM) joins Andrew for the craziest episode of the Rapp Report. They discuss some fun challenges Matt has out slicking Andrew when it comes to paying for meals. The two of them went to the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant and share their experience. Andrew shares a story of a Mormon that leaves the LDS church for Christ. For more about the Manti, outreach check out Matt Slick's Patreon update. Please consider supporting him. They will discuss there time with Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson of Mormonism Research Ministry and you should listen to their podcast called Viewpoint on Mormonism.

They start with a review from Voice of Reason Radio and their reference to the Rapp Report and Theology Driven podcasts.

Andrew gets stuck on the Spiritual Transition game and provides an example from Theology Gals podcast.

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