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Liberal TheologyRapp Report Daily episode 185

In this episode, Andrew and Bud respond to some of the common arguments from liberal theology. The goal of liberal theology is to deconstruct the Bible using higher criticism and textual criticism. These are topics that are often taught in seminary and not in churches. However, it influences many churches because they do not understand the topics nor know the arguments against them. Two of the common arguments from liberal theology is the claimed source document of the gospels, Q, and the supposed authors of the first five books of the Bible with the JEPD theory.

Liberal theology claims that there was a source document for the gospels, called ‘Q’. They claim that Mark used Q to write his gospel and then Matthew and Luke used Q and Mark to embellish more. The argument is that though we do not have any evidence that Q ever existed we can conclude what Q was but looking at these passages that Matthew, Mark, and Luke have in common. However, the fact that liberal theology does not want to acknowledge is that there is no evidence that Q ever existed. It is assumed, which is a begging the question fallacy.

The JEPD theory teaches that the first five books of the Bible were not written by Moses but by several authors. The goal of this is to discount the literal 24-hour 6-day creation by arguing that Genesis chapters one and two are written by two different authors. Liberal theology teaches that there was an author that used the name Jehovah and another that used the name Elohim. They claim that a third author wrote the book of Deuteronomy. The last set of authors was the priest that took these three writings and put them together into the five books of the Bible that we have today. Again the response is simple and the same, there is no evidence for this liberal theology and deconstruction. It is assumed. So, once again they are using the begging the question fallacy.


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