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To Mask or Not to Mask the Christian Response

Rapp Report episode 140

Follow the Science

Dr. Anthony Silvestro joins Andrew and Bud to discuss the topic of masks or face coverings. They talk about the science of wearing a mask and what it protects or not. The size of COVID droplets is much smaller than much of the other masks allow. The science shows that the holes in the mask are 1000 times larger than the COVID virus. In addition, our breath breaks down the mask in 15 minutes. The manufactures of masks have to list things that masks are not to be used for and they discuss that it clearly states that it will not protect against viruses.

Is this Political?

Why are so many states requiring face coverings? They discuss fear being used to push politics. The mandates are not for people to wear masks but for stores to be required to have a sign that requires masks. Many of the mandates require a not vented mask which is not to protect the person wearing the mask but others supposedly.

When is Clean Really Clean?

Do the process that stores use to disinfect and clean surfaces work? Dr. Silvestro explains why the method of straying a disinfectant and immediately wiping it off does not kill viruses on a surface. Therefore, the cleaning process does not actually disinfect the surface.

Fear, Fear and More Fear

The face coverings are being used to drive fear. Unbelievers fear death, but Christians should not fear death. The government has used the mask mandates to make millions of people to live in fear, which makes it easier to control a population of people. The science does not support the use of masks but the politics do. Anthony answers the question, does wearing a mask promote a lie?

Does the Bible Have an Answer?

There is a biblical perspective that is provided that is discussed. Is wearing a facemask loving your neighbor? Is not wearing a mask disobeying the government as stated in Romans 13? Does Christian liberty have a play in this issue? Churches should open and the men support the actions of John MacArthur.

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