Virtual Evangelism with Peter Hammond

EvangelismRapp Report episode 202

Andrew and Jim Osman interview Peter Hammond to talk about how he used virtual environments for evangelism to the lost. He started out using video games. He admits that video games can be an addiction. After he was freed from that addiction he found his way to use online games to spread the gospel. As more and more of our relationships are online and virtual and Peter found ways to use that to share the gospel. Gaming has changed. It is no longer the single-player against a computer. Now it is played online with people virtually working together talking through the game but another audience is the many people that watch people play online and hear the conversations. Video games provide great opportunities for evangelism but that was not enough for Peter.

Peter and his team have now written their own game as a means of sharing the gospel. They even have in the game a Way of the Master training. They had a Muslim girl that lives in a country where the gospel is not allowed to hear the gospel. He uses the game as an apologetic tool to answer the questions that many people ask. The goal of the game is to find the Bible in a world where the teachings of the Bible have been removed from the culture.

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