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What is a Pastor? Not a Woman, Part 1

Rapp Report episode 282

Andrew starts his series on “What is a Pastor” with a discussion on what a pastor is not and that is a woman. Andrew addresses the following emotional arguments that people make:

That is misogynist.<br />
Women are just as good at public speaking as men / Women can teach just as good as men<br />
Why do you think women are not smart enough to read/interpret/preach from their Bibles?<br />
Women will respond to the Gospel presented in a way they can relate to it and men cannot do that.<br />
“Who did Jesus appear to first? A woman! Thank goodness she didn’t believe she couldn’t preach!”<br />
It is about equality<br />
“There is no male or female, no Jew nor Greek..." there aren't gender distinctions anymore (Gal 3:28)<br />
The Bible says, "you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood..." so if we are all priests then women can act in the role of preaching.<br />
If women are not allowed to preach then they are victims of oppression and are not being allowed to serve God fully.<br />
If God has gifted a woman with preaching and called her to do it, who are we to say she cannot?<br />
How do you know God has not called some women to preach and gifted them with that gifting?<br />
If a woman feels "called to preach" but is denied this by the church then that church is causing her to sin by not allowing her behind the pulpit.<br />
Paul was speaking to the culture in 1 Timothy 2:12ff so it no longer applies to us<br />
Women can be pastors over children’s ministries.<br />
Women pastors in the church could preach because they were preaching under the authority of the senior pastor.<br />
Email: “I have a need - please stop maligning women pastors in your memes. I have been called and ordained by God. I am conservative, and prolife. I pastor a small congregation that no man would take because the salary is very low. Women were never maligned by our Lord. Now your meme about "not a pastor not a church" has stirred up a hornet's nest on FB Calvinism the Group that Chooses You. Does this serve the body of Christ? What is gained? This diminishes what should be our common efforts to combat Satan and reach the secular, God-hating populace. If the Spirit gives me gifts to preach and pastor, who are you to ignore that and criticize? May the peace of Christ and his truth, be with you. Karen GC”

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