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What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

Rapp Report episode 195

Part 1: What is Critical Race Theory? Cultural Views of CRT

What is critical race theory (CRT)? It is the ideology that is behind most of the diversity and inclusivity training in school and the workplace, and these trainings are actually counterproductive because they are leading to more bias and fear. It is a lens through which to see the world (a worldview) – it shapes how you view politics, theology, and education.

Critical theory sees everything as the oppressed versus the oppressor. It is deconstructing those constructs until they get down to fitting into this worldview of the oppressed versus the oppressor.

Why does this matter? What’s the big deal if our kids are being taught it in schools? Isn’t inclusiveness and diversity training a good thing? What are the dangers it’s posing on the church? Are we falling for a false narrative? The language in our culture is changing, and we need to be aware of what the truth is behind it all.

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