What More SBC Issues with Justin Peters

RSBCapp Report episode 180

Andrew and Bud are joined by Justin Peters to further talk about the continuing problems within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). They discuss more about Ed Litton’s plagiarizing of D Greear. What should SBC churches do? They will talk about options. However, The convention has moved beyond what many think is possible to recover. The behavior and protection of Ed Litton, the new president of the SBC, exposes the rot of the SBC. It is far more than just the plagiarism issue. The SBC elite are woke and promoting social justice but not to the point of promoting a black man that is not in line with their social justice line of thinking.

Justin makes a case to leave the Southern Baptist Convention. This would not be an easy decision but maybe a necessary one. The church needs to stand with integrity and though the SBC states, “the world is watching”, they seem to have forgotten that when it comes to Ed Litton and his plagiarism. There is a call for Ed Litton to resign but some claim that would be wrong. In fact, some try to say that the way Litton’s plagiarism was discovered was somehow wrong, but it was all public sermons.

Resources mentioned:

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How should the Ed Litton borrowing sermons situation be handled?

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