Daniel 12: The Time of Transition

There is much confusion with what Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 concerning wars and rumors of wars, between nations and kingdoms, famines and earthquakes all taking place during the disciple’s lifetime and even including the great tribulation.

Pastor Jensen begins by discussing chapter 12 of the book of Daniel and relates it to the upcoming election and period of transition. They he delves into Jesus’ warnings about false prophets and the coming of the Son of Man, emphasizing that it will not be a secret event.

Pastor Jensen argues that the phrase “coming of the Son of Man” can refer to various forms of judgment, including the destruction of Jerusalem. They interpret apocalyptic language as symbolic of the loss of governmental power. Pastor Jensen concludes by highlighting the importance of understanding the Old Testament and encourages listeners to live faithfully to Jesus.

The video of this episode can be found here: https://youtu.be/3StvqkJCfcw

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