Philippians 1:27-28: Not Frightened

Listen as Pastor Anthony Uvenio exposits Phil 1:27-28 and how the believer is not to be frightened by anything in their opponents.

Here are 5 key points:

  1. Pastor Anthony Uvenio discusses the book of Philippians, emphasizing its background and context as a letter of encouragement and unity in a Roman military outpost.

  2. The importance of not being afraid to share the gospel message is highlighted, contrasting fear of man with fear of God.

  3. The unity and cohesiveness of the believers in Philippi, standing together for the faith of the gospel, is stressed.

  4. The role of the Holy Spirit as the source of strength, unity, and courage for believers is mentioned.

  5. Pastor Uvenio references Howard Hughes, a prominent figure known for his eccentric behavior and extreme fear of germs, as an example of how fear can consume a person’s life.

The video of this episode can be found here:

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