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Total Depravity: Ryan Galan Pt. 1

Total depravity is a key doctrine of Reformed Theology. If you get this one wrong, you will get the rest of the bible wrong. Join me as I discuss this important doctrine with Ryan Galan.

Here are the scriptures mentioned in the podcast:

The Bible informs us that men are not only finite, but are now also sinners, who:

by nature cannot bring forth good fruit (Matt. 7:18, Lk 6:43)

by nature cannot hear Christ’s word that they might have life (John 8:43),

by nature cannot submit themselves to the law of God (Rom. 8:7),

by nature cannot please God (Rom 8:8)

by nature cannot discern truths of the Spirit of God (1 Cor. 2:14),

by nature cannot confess from the heart Jesus as Lord (1 Cor. 12:3),

by nature cannot control the tongue (James 3:8),

by nature cannot come to Christ (John 6:44, 45, 65),

by nature cannot receive the Holy Spirit (John 14:17) and

by nature cannot see (understand) the kingdom of God unless they’re born again (Jn 3:3).

The sinfulness of mankind: (see Gen. 6:5; Ps. 58:3; Jer. 17:9; Luke 11:13; Rom. 3:10–18, 23; Gal. 5:19–21; Eph. 2:1–3; 4:17–19). In order to do any of these things, they must receive powerful aid coming to them ab extra. So there simply is no such thing as a free will which can always choose the right.

Being spiritually dead means being separate from God. Since were separated because of our sin, Jesus says: apart from me, you can do nothing (cannot do anything) John 15:5.

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