Anthony Burges was persecuted during the English Civil War. He was also an academic whose thoughts on justification would be wide read. When asked to submit himself to the Church of England, he refused and was pushed out of his post.

This sermon has that “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God,” by Jonathan Edwards or Charles Spurgeons “Compel Them To Come In.” It intensely reminds us that the end of our life will come and the way that we lived during this time will be judged on that day.

Special thanks to Dave Seip for reading this sermon. Dave Seip is a native of Minnesota but by God’s grace lives and serves in Texas. He lives in Denton with his wife and serves his church in multiple ways including teaching and helping maintain the Sunday livestream. Dave started his podcast Kings Way Talk in 2015 originally as a place to record Charles Spurgeon sermons, but it has since grown into a broader podcast featuring discussions, interviews, sermons and more.

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