John G. Paton is one of the premiere missionaries of the 1800s. His courage and adventure shown in the sight of hostile people-groups and unpleasant conditions helped lead many to take their faith more seriously. His impact on a tribe of cannibals in the New Hebrides was huge.

In this reading Paton discusses his desire to go to the New Hebrides people, but also the people and forces that were working against him and keeping him from being a missionary. Despite all the pressure, he stuck to God’s calling for his life.

Special thanks to Kris Estep for reading this story! Kris Estep is the Teaching Pastor of Barberville Baptist Church in Waynesville, NC. He is committed to expository preaching, local church ministry, and evangelism. As a voice actor he has a passion to find ways to collaborate with other churches, ministries, and individuals to help spread the gospel. He and his wife Becky have 3 children. 

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