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Theodore Cuyler: The Value Of Human Life

Theodore Cuyler was the pastor of the biggest Presbyterian church in New York City. He knew or met almost every person of importance that came through the United States of America in the 1800s. And yet his story is almost completely forgotten.
His sermon, “The Value Of Human Life,” is one that is both timeless and remarkably poignant in our era. In a time when people often struggle with purpose and motivation, Cuyler reminds us of how precious the gift of life is.
Special thanks to Matt is the husband of one wife, the father of 4 kids, and a former Marine who works in IT supporting the Air Force who also moonlights as an amateur voice over artist. He came to saving faith in Christ in 2010, and since then has had a passion for defending the faith, discipling others, and participating in the Kingdom work that God has called him to .
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