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Thomas Watson: The Christian Joy

Thomas Watson: The Christian Joy

Thomas Watson was a Puritan from the 1600s who suffered a lot in the name of Christ. Between multiple imprisonments, surviving the different laws passed against Puritans, and the loss of four children, his life was far from perfect.

Yet his sermon, “The Christian Joy,” explains the importance of finding joy in our walk with God. A man who did not live a life that we would measure as “good” tells us about Joy.

Special thanks to Tom Sullivan. Tom recently retired from the Postal Service where he has worked since 1994. He began narrating sermons in December of 1985 for the Chapel Library when it was in Venice, FL. He teaches American Church History and The Theology of Christian Experience. He has lived in Grand Rapids, MI for 31 years and has been a Reformed Baptist since 1984.

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