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Discovering Christian Heroes – Janet and Geoff Benge

We discovered the Christian Heroes: Then and Now book series at a homeschool conference several years ago. Since then, these books have become precious to us. We have loved the hours we have spent learning about the faith of George Muller, Corrie Ten Boom, Billy Graham, Brother Andrew, and so many other Godly heroes. As we have read these stories our own faith and commitment has grown.

Janet and Geoff Benge - Discovering Christian Heroes 

Janet and Geoff Benge are the authors of the Christian Heroes: Then and Now and Heroes of History book seriesJanet also developed and wrote curriculum unit study guides to go with many of the books. Combined there are over eight million copies of the Heroes books in print in 25 languages. The Benges, originally from New Zealand, served for ten years as missionaries with Youth With A Mission in the Philippines, Tonga, Hawaii, Texas, Montana, and the Makah Indian Reservation in Washington State. Along the way they raised two daughters and an adopted a son, a street boy from the Philippines. 

Discovering Christian Heroes: an Interview with Janet and Geoff Benge

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For the past 22 years of their 33-year-book-writing career, Janet and Geoff have had the privilege of immersing themselves in the writing of inspiring stories for middle and high school grade children, though they are aware they have a large number of adult readers too! They live in Central Florida, where their two married daughters also reside. Janet and Geoff currently have three young grandchildren, their oldest, a five-year-old grandson, has Down Syndrome. You can find out more about Janet and Geoff Benge at

Check out the Benges’ Books:

Christian Heroes Then and Now

Heroes of History

Read our favorite book by Janet and Geoff Benge – George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans 



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