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Allowing the Biblical truths of the Heidelberg Catechism to shape our theology and Christian living.

STT 065 – We Don’t Need Miracles to Experience God’s Power & Goodness (HC LD 10, QA 27-28)

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I’m going to provide a new resource for the show. I want to encourage families to listen to the show and then discuss it together. Perhaps listen to the show during family worship, read some Scriptures, and discuss. So I’d like to provide you with some discussion questions. Look for these family discussion questions in the show notes of coming episodes.

FAMILY DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: (1) How would you define “miracle”? (2) How would you define “providence” (in your own words)? (3) How are miracles different from God’s providence? (4) Why do you think Jesus called the generation “evil and adulterous” when they demanded miracles to test him (Matt. 12:29; 16:4)? (5) How is the doctrine/truth of God’s providence comforting to you? (6) How can seeing God’s power and goodness acting in His providence all around us benefit us?

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