Small Town Theologian with Jonathan Shirk

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Allowing the Biblical truths of the Heidelberg Catechism to shape our theology and Christian living.

STT 070 – As You Suffer, Remember Christ Suffered for You (HC LD 15, QA 37-39)

This episode is about finding comfort and hope in the suffering of Christ for us. As we suffer, we need to draw comfort and strength from Christ’s suffering for us and how suffering leads to everlasting life with God.

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR FAMILY WORSHIP: (1) What suffering has been the most intense in your life? How has it produced hope in you? (2) Why is it disheartening to believe God doesn’t intend/mean suffering for our good? (3) How can we rejoice in suffering? (4) What was the worst part of Christ’s suffering and how does it relate to our comfort? (5) Why is it dangerous to focus only on the physical suffering of Jesus on the cross instead of focusing on the fullness of his suffering throughout his life in body and soul?


Books: The Heidelberg Catechism: True Comfort for Life & Death & Predestined for Joy: Finding Comfort in a Controversial Doctrine

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